Fausto Industries, LLC is the all in one powerhouse. We specialize in B2B business-to-business support to better grow your business with information technology, graphic design, audio and video for multimedia marketing.

In today’s age everything’s running on computers specially for business. Fausto Industries, LLC IT services is not your average IT service provider. With more then 8+ years in experience supporting home users to business enterprises with mobile devices, databases, security and more.

Combined with our graphic design service (HellFire Grafix) for marketing. Flyers, business cards, web development, banners. Fausto Industries, LLC can help with your marketing campaign. We also have audio and video services for home and business in commercials, DJ party mixes, special events and more…


Sales and market share or deeper customer relationships, Fausto Industries, LLC helps make it happen.


Fausto Industries, LLC provides high-quality, dependable, on-time service.


One call gets it all — Los Angeles County graphic design, audio, video, IT support



With our vast resources, we can provide fast deployments for any project

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